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Last call to purchase the Wicked Kingdom Deck (and art book!) on Kickstarter!

Just a reminder that time is running out the grab the Wicked Kingdom deck (and the associated art book) on Kickstarter! Despite the misleading graphic above, there are actually only 26 hours left now! Huge thanks to everyone who's backed the project already - I'm so excited that this deck is finally happening! You can check out the project and buy the book and/or deck at…"

A preview of the deck:

A preview of the art book:

Reward tiers and other goodies:

Buy the deck here:…"

A huge thank you to everyone who's backed the project on Kickstarter - it's closing in on $100k! There's now less than a week left to grab a copy of the deck or the art book; check it out at…

Over the next few days I'll be posting the remaining artwork for the deck. Here's a preview of the Jokers...

They'll be included in both deck and art book, along with some additional artwork that has yet to be released...

Some awesome news out of the Wicked Kingdom Kickstarter - there is now an art book!

I poured hundreds of hours of drawing and painting into the Wicked Kingdom project; I've been hoping to assemble these images into an art book since the very beginning, but wasn't sure how the deck itself would be received. The flood of support for the project has outstripped all my expectations, and now that we're approaching the 50k mark, the artwork has finally earned itself a showcase outside the confines of the card deck!

The art book will be a 72 page softcover (6.625 x 10.25") volume featuring all of the art and writing from the Wicked Kingdom project, along with process write-ups, work-in-progress snapshots, and notes on the creation of the traditionally-painted artwork for the deck.

Thanks again for your support everyone! You can get your hands on the art book HERE!
The Wicked Kingdom deck (Live on Kickstarter!) by wylielise

Huge news this week: after a year and a half of painting, my illustrated playing card deck is available for purchase on Kickstarter! I'm so thrilled to finally be bringing this project to life. Check out the finished artwork and pick up a deck of your own at… . And thanks to everyone who's liked, shared, and commented along the way!

Wicked Kingdom is my first large-scale personal project - it's a step away from my usual commercial art, and a chance to create a body of work more in line with my own vision. A little bit about the project:

Printed by the USPCC, Wicked Kingdom is an art-rich 54-card poker deck, featuring dual-identity face cards with a narrative twist and obsessively detailed, hand-painted artwork throughout. 

Hand-drawn pips, elegantly watermarked number cards, and unique not-quite-two-way backs add to the intensely illustrated flavor of the deck.

(Working card layout - deck design may change to reflect feedback)


Wicked Kingdom is more than just another deck of pretty pictures (although it has those too, in spades). Each face card has a personality, a backstory... and a hidden agenda. With every card, the plot thickens... 


You can help make this deck a reality by purchasing a deck through the Kickstarter campaign. A preview of the reward tiers is below - you can back the project at…

I get a lot of questions about my traditional-media painting process. My main secret: a super-detailed pencil underdrawing, a ton of layers, and a crazy mix of media. I recently filmed the complete painting process for the Queen of Hearts - the sixth painting in my Wicked Kingdom series of playing cards. Check it out below!

The pencil underdrawing:

The underpainting in ink, watercolor, and white charcoal:

The final oil painting:

I also post written tutorials covering all the details on my materials, techniques, and ideation process! You can get access to each and every tutorial from my Wicked Kingdom series through Patreon:

Queen of Hearts by wylielise    Queen of Spades by wylielise  King of Clubs by wylielise   King of Diamonds by wylielise    King of Spades by wylielise
 (Prints of my Wicked Kingdom card art are available at…)

WICKED KINGDOM is my first large-scale personal project - a series of traditionally-painted playing card illustrations leading up to a complete, playable poker deck which I'll be releasing via Kickstarter in late 2015/early 2016. 

In what I'm hoping will be big news for my fellow artists, I'm documenting my working process as I go, and putting together some serious art tutorials for this project.

You can find my first tutorial (covering my painting process for the King of Spades) here:…

AND, if you'd like to see more of this type of content in the future, you can show your support on Patreon, where I'll be providing patrons with process tutorials for EVERY painting, along with high-res images and early access to works-in-progress.

If you'd like to receive updates on this project as it develops, you can sign up for the mailing list at

More to come soon!

Remember my Hunt for the Black Lotus painting? For those whose browsing histories don't span all the way back into the mists of late 2013, the piece was prompted by the ArtOrder Inspiration Challenge, masterminded by Jon Schindehette and juried by a selection of awesome illustrators and art directors.

At long last, the challenge has borne its inevitable fruit: the limited-edition art book showcasing the selected artists & artwork, Inspired, is now available in the ArtOrder store.

artorder inspiration samples

From left to right: Rebecca YanovskayaTara Larsen ChangKristina Carroll, and Filippo Vanzo.

There is a ton of gorgeous work in this book from a great assortment of up-and-coming illustrators, pros, and artists who have bridged the gap from the former classification to the latter since this project was first conceived (moi??). Seriously, I suffered a minor existential crisis just trying to choose a few representative pieces to stick on my blog - the judges on this challenge were amazing and each and every piece in this book deserves to be there. If you're an illustration fan or a collector of art books... check this one out.

artorder inspiration book

Time-lapse of my painting process for Tam Lin - a traditional media redo of one of my earlier digital paintings. A complete write-up of the process (including materials and techniques) can be found at

This video represents about 40 hours of painting, with an additional 20 hours or so (not captured) devoted to the initial pencil underdrawing.

Huge, awesome news - today marks the launch of the ArtOrder Artists Series! If you haven't heard of this project already, it's an ongoing series of limited-edition prints, curated by art director Jon Schindehette and featuring the artwork of a whole roster of awesome artists.

I'm honored to be the featured artist for the launch - limited edition prints of my painting Colder Wind are now available in the ArtOrder store, and are being offered for pre-sale at 20% off this week only.

If you were at Illuxcon this year, you may have already seen a few of the early-stage poster proofs that Jon was toting around. These are some really nice large-scale limited editions - signed, numbered, nice paper, the whole deal. The image is one of my current favorites - painted straight out of an intensely inspiring week at Illustration Master Class, it's the first piece in which I finally got the hang of my traditional media process (documented in more depthHERE).

I can't say enough good things about this project; Jon's really gone out of his way to secure some great artists and wring amazing work out of them - and with good reason. The ArtOrder Artists Series is different from any other opportunity for fantasy artists out there today - it's based around, in Jon's words, "support of the arts...and the artists." Artwork is commissioned for AOAS on the basis of a profit sharing program - where the artist gets to reap the majority of the profits, and retain all rights to their work.

In an industry that is often the subject of finger-wagging for its draconian treatment of artists, a project like this one - designed with the artists in mind - is a breath if fresh air, and I'm hoping that its commercial success will be a step towards redefining the terms and hiring practices our market considers "standard."

If you've been admiring Colder Wind from afar, please consider checking out this print series! You can find the product page over at the ArtOrder store, and more background information on the Artists Series here.

And, if you're an artist and love the idea behind this program as much as I do, please consider helping to spread the word.
Process-graphite1 by wylielise

I added a processes & tutorials section to my website! It's a little sparse at present, but I've included some of my existing process write-ups and will be adding to it as I complete new work (and yes, my process video for the Tam Lin oil painting will be posted soon!) Link below:…
Since my previous DA account was a wasteland of old and irrelevant art, I've started a new one. I'm putting up a few of the better works from the past, with the intention of posting more and better as I finish current work.